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NCreating a film has so many layers and one of them is costume and/or wardrobe design. We were so lucky to have Elizabeth Parris of Red Pill Blue Pill Collective as our costume designer. We could not have gotten through our production days without Liz.

From the minute Liz arrived on set, she was on the go! There is so much involved with wardrobe and we are so grateful to have had her on our team. When you watch Bubbly, you will see that each character had it’s own look, feel and it’s our pleasure to introduce you to her.

Tell me about yourself.

My name’s is Elizabeth Parris, I am from Prince George’s County Maryland ( hey DMV). I am the CEO and creator of a clothing Red Pill Blue Pill Collective. I am also the stylist for Bubbly Brown Sugar.


Living the life of a creative is not a path for the faint of heart. With that in mind, why do you feel drawn to be fashion or styling?

I have always dabbled with creative expression. For most of my life that was through dance, drawing/photography and with my natural hair. I never missed a moment to do something that allowed me to explore my creativity. It has always been a way to balance my analytical side. Fashion for me was a way to compliment my creative hunger and my joy of the visual arts. Fashion is an amazing way to tell a story with no words…much like dance, photography or can say so much and invoke so much emotion.

What do you love most about being a wardrobe stylist?

For me creating is another way of manifesting. When God or the universe drops a sees in your soul to create something…it’s so amazing and invigorating….the process of seeing the vision come to life, the way it reaches other people, it is a blessing.

How do you hope people will feel about your styling?

I hope people can really feel the differences between each character’s wardrobe and feel their personality through their wardrobe. I also hope they can feel how bright and jovial the wardrobe is meant to be.

What was your favorite memory while being on set?

There were so many memories on set….but truly the entire experience was such a good vibe. Everyone was dedicated to seeing this vision come to life. There was never a down or negative moment, just focus, laughs and loves. I have walked away with some very amazing colleagues and friends.

If you could summarize Bubbly Brown Sugar in three words, what would they be?

Transcendent, fresh, unique

Why should people watch Bubbly Brown Sugar when it’s released?

You have never seen a series like this, from the way black and brown love is expressed, to the importance of knowing what you want and sticking to it…. right on down to the eye candy. This is a must see.

Connect with Elizabeth Parris and Red Pill Blue Pill Collective on Instagram and Facebook! Shop her brand at

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