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The new moon that everyone was talking about has finally appeared on on Sept. 28, 2019. This new moon in Libra brings with it a succulent new energy that is all about commitment and relationships. Since Bubbly Brown Sugar is all about manifesting love, I thought it was worthy to share more about this special new moon with you all. As a Bubbly Brown Sugar lover stated on her Facebook page, this new moon  will bring in love, proposals and pregnancy. Now, doesn’t that sound like fun!

I am not an astrology, but being that I am an Aries, I know a little bit about the Libra energy – they are all about commitment and relationships. As I read on, Libras are known for their diplomatic approach to relationships, as well as their deep desire for justice and equity. They love balance, which grounds a fiery Aries like myself and makes them the perfect partners for most of the signs and encourages us to channel our inner Libra by being a little kinder and more forgiving to our loved ones.

“This new moon in Libra will have all the zodiac signs looking for connection with their partners or, at the very least, considering the possibility of maybe, someday, letting someone in—which (hello!!!) can be so scary! I guess it’s fitting that it’s so close to Halloween, huh? Because truly, what is scarier than letting someone see all of you, being vulnerable, and then having them possibly decide, thank u, next? Monsters can be defeated, but what do you do when you are your own, lonely destruction?”

But what about the journey to finding

your soulmate and this talk of relationships

is more about connected with your Higher Self?

Did you know that Plato’s theory of the soul mate or “split-apart” asserts that human beings initially had four legs, four arms, and a single head with two faces. Sounds like one of those scary characters from the Bible if you ask me? But at some point, said the Greek philosopher, we started to become as strong as the gods – so Zeus split us into halves to punish us for our strength and pride. Since then, so the story goes, we’ve been wandering alone, seeking that one person who carries the rest of our soul. Oh, mythology!

Now, speaking from personal experience, I know that this myth has caused deep heartache for so many around the world. As a single woman, I used to ask myself, what if I never meet my soul mate? Or what if we do, but the timing is off and we aren’t able to be together? I know a few couples who have been blessed with a soul mate relationship, but even they will attest that the relationship still takes work, like all things that are good, beautiful and true.

While reading up on this new moon, I came across a beautiful perspective on It reads, “

At the upcoming Libra New Moon (Sept. 28, 11:26 a.m. PDT) it’s high time to expand our definition of a soul mate. This New Moon in the sign of the balancing scales calls us to embrace the opposites within ourselves and connect more profoundly with others. Venus in Libra will be exactly sextile fortunate Jupiter, so it should be possible to establish some truly creative collaborations and soul mate unions in the coming weeks – as well as find increased abundance and opportunity. Libra’s desire is to reach across the great divide and locate common ground. By uniting with others we gain greater understanding, and accomplish far more than we could on our own.”

I always say that everything begins from within. All things start from the Mind. There is a Universal Law that says, “as within, as without,” which basically means your outside world is really an exact reflection of your inner world. So I invite all of you to connect deeper with the highest parts of yourselves, so that you can experience the highest version of love in another.

What do you think?

Libra is about ‘the two of us’ and how people pair off together in partnerships. It is about engagement and marriage. It is only ever about separation and divorce if ‘Me’ gets in the way of ‘We.’ I say the most important relationship is that between you and your Creator, followed by you and your heart, which makes your external connections that much more beautiful and pure.

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