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Earlier this year, we took over a venue and had an incredible premiere! Months after the fact, anyone that was in attendance still remembers the amazing energy of that spectacular night. Food from one of our incredible vendors permeated the air, the drinks were overflowing, the music was pumping and the press was rocking the room.

We were so fortunate to have The IndieNYC Show as one of 10 media outlets to cover the red carpet at the NYC Premiere of Bubbly Brown Sugar at Littlefield in Brooklyn. They have supported our project since its inception, and I can only guess it’s because they are creatives themselves that intimately understand the process and the importance of getting press.  The IndieNYC Show founder and broadcaster Latresa Baker hosted The IndieNYC Show’s coverage of the red carpet. Among the highlights of the event were their interviews with Bubbly Brown Sugar creator and leading actress Tamala Baldwin and Bubbly Brown Sugar stars Rich Lowe (Caleb), Tyrone Reeves (Josiah), as well as a appearances from members of the creative team.

Several of the movie’s stars, including Jacinth Headlam, David Crownson, James Pierce III and Jennifer Figuereo, posed for photo ops with The IndieNYC Show and took time to speak more about their role in this project. Throughout the exciting event, The IndieNYC Show met with many of its partners and broadcasters, gaining valuable into their individual goals and ambitions, their fans, and what they’re most excited about as Bubbly Brown Sugar draws closer to its release date.

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