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NThere are many layers to Bubbly Brown Sugar, and one of them is the family dynamic of our leading lady. Searching for Mrs. Patterson, who plays the matriarch in our season was a journey and I am so glad God made it possible for me to find Greer Morrison, by way of one of my co-workers. She is so phenomenal and I can’t wait for you to see her on the screen. In the meantime, learn more about her by reading below.

Tell me about yourself.

I’ve had a remarkable life. Not with extreme events or notoriety but in the realizations of dreams and the benefit of a great family and friends. I always knew I wanted to be in Entertainment. As a child, I dreamed of being an Entertainment Lawyer. My aspirations took a side line when I began working in the Music industry in the late 80’s early 90’s. I was smitten and fascinated with the glamour and grit of Hip-hops early days. My fascination continued into the millennium when I decided to venture into live music production and found success as an Event Producer. The breakdown of our economy impacted the industry and the work to pay ratio made it untenable to continue. I asked myself what I wanted the rest of my life to look like, how would it feel? And the answer to all my questions came down to one word. FUN!  What ever I did it should be fun and add value to my life and by extension the lives of my family and friends. I became a professional Actor, Singer and Writer 6 years ago and it was the greatest decision of my life.

Living the life of a creative is not a path for the faint of heart. With that in mind, why do you feel drawn to be a storyteller/actor?

I love the way you phrased the question. I am a natural storyteller. It is a trait that I inherited from my Dad. I love to see the faces of those I’m conversing with show their emotions as I spin a yarn or recount an amusing anecdote. It is an intrinsic part of my cultural makeup. I am descended from people who’s language was stripped from them and the ability to read and write in a foreign tongue was denied them. Oral history and story telling became the tool by which we could pass on that history and record the events as they were making history. Storytelling fuels the imagination and ties us the inspiration of other and greater storytellers. I feel as if I am linked to all storytellers by virtue of the act of storytelling as an Actor.

What do you love most about being a storyteller?

Telling a story that resonates with someone. The ability to touch, enlighten, inform or educate someone.

What attracted you the most to your character and/or to the project?

The character that I play has a debilitating disease that so many people and their families have to contend with.  Her being a part of the cast I hope will show people the humanity and dignity that can be maintained even when faced with a life altering disorder.

How do you hope people will feel about your character?

I hope people will see the love of a mother and daughter, the love of family and the tenacity and fortitude of people when faced with the chronic and debilitating illness of a parent.

What was your favorite memory while being on set?

The fun and strong bond of the principle actors.

If you could summarize Bubbly Brown Sugar in three words, what would they be?

Layered, ambitious,romantic.

Why should people watch Bubbly Brown Sugar when it’s released?

You have never seen a series like this, from the way black and brown love is expressed, to the importance of knowing what you want and sticking to it…. right on down to the eye candy. This is a must see.

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